June TCI Materials Science News
TCI is at the forefront of offering high-quality materials for R&D. In this issue, we feature our building blocks for organic semiconductors, ultra-high performance liquid crystalline semiconductor material, phthalocyanine/porphyrin dyes, sulfated hyaluronic acids, and more. We also provide an extensive catalog of organic and inorganic reagents that are valuable tools in the field of materials science.
Building Blocks for Organic Semiconductor

Building Blocks for Organic Semiconductor

Lightweight and flexible organic semiconductor materials continue to be a focal point for labs and manufacturers. With nearly 1,000 semiconductor building blocks in our catalog, TCI provides materials with a high level of versatility and diversity for your semiconducting devices. With expectations to be the next generation display and light source, use of our materials in organic photovoltaics (OPVs) and in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) devices continue to produce excellent results for our customers. Additionally, be sure to see our halogen groups, boronic acid (ester) moiety, stannyl groups, amino groups, and, our formyl group for organic semiconductors.
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An Ultra-High Performance Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor Material: Ph-BTBT-10

An Ultra-High Performance Liquid Crystalline Semiconductor Material: Ph-BTBT-10

Ph-BTBT-10 [D5491] is the latest ultra-high performance OFET material offered by TCI. When tested, results show its film achieves mobility up to 14.7 cm2/Vs, and FET mobility (≧10.0 cm2/Vs) when compared to oxide-based semiconductors (IGZO). Additionally, remarkable air-stability was reported. As a liquid crystalline semiconductor material, Ph-BTBT-10 has been reported to be a p-type semiconductor material with excellent transport properties. Furthermore, TCI examined the fabrication and evaluation of Ph-BTBT-10 based Organic Field-Effect Transistor (OFET) devices via the vacuum deposition method. 
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 Phthalocyanine Dyes, Porphyrin Dyes

Phthalocyanine Dyes, Porphyrin Dyes

Porphyrin metal complexes are useful for photoelectron functional materials, metal complex catalysts, and molecular electrical conductors. Studies on porphyrin metal complexes have also been performed for artificial photosynthesis (eg. reduction of carbon dioxide) and solar cell materials. A few example applications include: phthalocyanine metal complexes used as artificial dyes to paint trains and organic photoconductors of electrophotography. Organic semiconductors are also used in transistors and may also be used as hole injection materials for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).
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Sulfated Hyaluronic Acids

Sulfated Hyaluronic Acids

TCI offers two high-quality sulfated hyaluronic acids: High-sulfated H1739 and low-sulfated H1740. They are both chemically-synthesized from hyaluronic acid, a natural polymer. Since sulfated hyaluronic acids are relatively new to the market, the applications are still limited, but one example is to use them as a cell culture medium additive for maintaining the undifferentiated state of hiPS cells. We do anticipate that sulfated hyaluronic acids will be applicable to other fields in the near future such as regenerative medicine, 3-D printing, and more.
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