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TCI offers an extensive catalog of 30,000 high quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. This issue covers our chemistry expertise in organophosphorus catalysts, a ruthenium catalyst in coupling reaction of alcohols with primary amines, an easy to handle silylating reagent with high reactivity, and olefin metathesis using nitro-Grela.
Organophosphorus Catalysts

Organophosphorus Catalysts

TCI offers useful organophosphorus catalysts which are stable solids and easy-to-handle. 2-[(Diphenylphosphoryl)methyl]phenol [H1763] catalyzes the Mitsunobu-type reaction and is generally waste-free. anti-1,2,2,3,4,4-Hexamethylphosphetane 1-oxide [H1766] catalyzes deoxygenative C-N cross coupling of nitro(hetero)arenes with (hetero)arylboroic acids to form di(hetero)arylamines. MeTAPS-Br [H1748] and MeTAPS-I [H1749] catalyzes carbon dioxide fixation reaction under ambient pressure.
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Ruthenium Catalyst in Coupling Reaction of Alcohols with Primary Amines

Ruthenium Catalyst in Coupling Reaction of Alcohols with Primary Amines

Chloro(p-cymene)[2-[(di-tert-butylphosphino)methyl]pyridine]ruthenium(II) triflate [C3668] catalyzes the reaction of benzyl alcohol derivatives with primary amines to yield secondary amines. The advantage of this reaction is that it does not require any additives or solvents. Apparently, chemoselective dehydration condensation of benzyl alcohol derivatives with primary amines can proceeds even in the presence of unprotected phenols or anilines. In addition, it has been reported that the tandem Pictet-Spengler reaction of alcohols and N-benzyltryptamines affords tetrahydro-β-carbolines in presence of C3668 and a Lewis acid catalyst like In(OTf)3.
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Easy to Handle Silylating Reagent with High Reactivity

Easy to Handle Silylating Reagent with High Reactivity

Organosilicon compounds are frequently used in synthetic chemistry and material science, due to their unique chemical reactivity and potential functional utility. Yorimitsu et al. recently reported the utility of 1,2-di-tert-butoxy-1,1,2,2-tetramethyldisilane [D5736] which is stable in the air and can be easily handled, as a useful silylating reagent. It is also unique and very useful in silylating reactions. For example, copper-catalyzed ring-opening silylation of benzofurans with D5736 affords (E)-o-(β-silylvinyl)phenols with complete E/Z selectivity and high yields under mild conditions. In addition, the coupling reaction of a series of chloroarenes and D5736 using SingaCycle™-A3 as a precatalyst results in the corresponding silylarenes in high yields.
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TCI Practical Example: Olefin Metathesis Using nitro-Grela

TCI Practical Example: Olefin Metathesis Using nitro-Grela

TCI introduces the ring-closing metathesis using nitro-Grela [N1060] as a catalyst. The reaction report is actually performed by TCI's synthesis staff. You can see not only the reaction procedure but also the comment and analysis data from our staff.
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