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TCI is at the forefront of offering high quality materials for R&D. In this issue, we focus on the usefulness of our S-DNTT-10-based OFET device evaluation, high-capacity organic rechargeable battery system, alkaline-water soluble redox flow battery materials and fluorinated ether solvents and glycol ether solvents. We also provide an extensive catalog of organic and inorganic reagents that are valuable tools in the field of materials science.
OFET Device Evaluation of High-Performance S-Shaped Organic Semiconductor “S-DNTT-10”

OFET Device Evaluation of High-Performance S-Shaped Organic Semiconductor “S-DNTT-10”

S-DNTT-10 [D5796] possesses excellent features such as high mobility of 11 cm2/Vs, air stability, high solubility, and good thermal stability. TCI has performed and completed fabrication and evaluation of OFET devices in our laboratory. You can see the device fabrication procedure and device performance of S-DNTT-10-based OFET on our website.
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High-capacity Organic Rechargeable Battery System without Conductive Additives

High-capacity Organic Rechargeable Battery System without Conductive Additives

Secondary batteries, although being widely used, require further improvement in their performance due to increasing demand. Conventional battery systems using organic materials require a large amount of conductive additives and result in the decrease of battery capacity owing to their low conductivity. Kobayashi et al. reported a rechargeable battery system that is free from conductive additives and can be charged and discharged at high speed by the combination of charge-transfer complex TTF/TCNQ [T2468] as an electrode with an aqueous solution of sodium bromide.
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Long Lifetime, Alkaline-Water Soluble Redox Flow Battery Materials

Long Lifetime, Alkaline-Water Soluble Redox Flow Battery Materials

2,6-DBEAQ [D5764] and 2,6-DPPEAQ [D5765] are highly alkali-soluble quinone-based organic materials due to carboxylate or phosphonate terminal groups. They can be applied to a long-lifetime, aqueous redox-flow battery that can operate at pH ≦12. It has been reported that the near-neutral flow battery shows a low capacity fade rate by pairing 2,6-DBEAQ or 2,6-DPPEAQ negative electrolyte with a potassium ferricyanide/ferrocyanide positive electrolyte.
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biotinylated inhibitor for the detection of protein activity by stripping

Fluorinated Ether Solvents, Glycol Ether Solvents

TCI offers various fluorinated ethers and glycol ethers as non-protic solvents which dissolve many organic compounds well and are chemically-stable. For example, bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) ether [B1293], hexafluoroisopropyl methyl ether [H1524], ethylene glycol diethyl ether [D0456] and diethylene glycol diethyl ether [B0489] are available.
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