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TCI offers an extensive catalog of 30,000 high quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. This issue covers our chemistry expertise in succinimide for NHS esterification and trifluoroacetylation, condensation using DCC and HOBt, Luche reduction, and TCIMAIL 186. 
Succinimide for NHS Esterification and Trifluoroacetylation

Succinimide for NHS Esterification and Trifluoroacetylation

TFA-NHS [S0915] is utilized not only in the esterification of carboxy groups to form NHS esters, but also in the trifluoroacetylation of amines. Furthermore, it has been reported that TFA-NHS can both protect the amino group and activate the carboxy group of aminocarboxylic acids simultaneously. In the presence of pyridine, the reaction of an excess amount of TFA-NHS with an aminocarboxylic acid provides the resulting N-TFA-protected aminocarboxylic acid NHS ester in a one-pot process.
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Condensation Using DCC and HOBt

TCI Practical Example: Condensation Using DCC and HOBt

We are proud to present the amidation reaction using DCC [D0436] as a condensing agent, and HOBt [H0468] as an activator. The reaction report is actually performed by TCI's synthesis staff.  In addition to the experimental procedure you can also see comments and analysis data from our staff.
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Luche Reduction

Luche Reduction

The Luche reduction is a regioselective reduction of α,β-unsaturated ketones to afford allyl alcohols. When α,β-unsaturated ketones are reduced using sodium borohydride [S0480], 1,4-reduction is preferred over 1,2-reduction. It is considered that since the hydride of sodium borohydride is a “soft” nucleophile, the reaction proceeds at the β-position of the carbonyl compounds, which prefers a “soft” nucleophile. However, the hydride turns to “hard” in the presence of cerium(III) chloride [C2058] and an alcohol solvent, resulting in preferential 1,2-reduction.
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TCI Chemistry Research: TCIMAIL 186

Released in April 2021, TCI's latest issue features Prof. Nuno Maulide article on heterocycle formation called "Trifluoromethanesulfonic Anhydride in Amide Activation: A Powerful Tool to Forge Heterocyclic Cores”, and Prof. Nagatoshi Nishiwaki's chemistry chat. We also feature research on:
Be sure to check out our previous issues of TCIMAIL that contain various scientific articles from researchers around the world!
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