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On July 4th, we’ve opened a new section on our website specifically for organic transistor. Please see below for a preview of our new content.
TCI has begun in-house fabrication and assessment of organic transistors using our own products. The observations of device performance and functionality provide us the necessary feedback for our synthesis and purification processes leading to real-world improvements of our technological abilities. This helps us to provide more reliable chemicals to our customers. In addition, we have also began releasing several useful physical properties of our products (e.g. UV-Vis spectra and 2D-GIXD data).
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Featured Articles on Organic Transistors

In our featured articles section you will find articles about newly introduced products, device assessment and collaboration with academia and industry.
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OFET Device Fabrication and Evaluation

Here you can find details about the fabrication methods and the characteristics of OFET devices using our own products and analytical equipment.
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Physical Properties

Find out more about the physical properties of our products! (UV-Vis spectrum in solution or thin-film, 2D-GIXD data in thin-film form)
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High-Quality Organic Semiconductors

High-Quality Organic Semiconductors

As a real-world useable organic electronic material that can be used with peace of mind, we manufacture and evaluate OFET devices from all product lots, and provide materials whose quality we guarantee based on the observed transistor characteristics.
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Materials Science Categories

We have compiled a list of related chemicals sorted by research area: nanocarbon materials, electronic materials, optical functional materials and magnetic materials, etc.
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