June Chemistry News
At TCI, we offer an extensive catalog of 30,000 high-quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. This issue covers our chemistry expertise in antivirals for research and experimental use, chlorination of (hetero)arene derivatives, reducing agents, chemoselective reduction of aldehydes, and more.
Antivirals for Research and Experimental Use

Antivirals for Research and Experimental Use

TCI offers a vast selection of antiviral agents for research and experimental use. Some of the trends in COVID-19 pharmaceutical development include the search for viral proteases 3CLpro or PLpro inhibitors, viral protein expression inhibitors, viral entry to host cells inhibitors, as well as inhibitors of viral replication. See TCI's antiviral product line with reported mechanisms, product numbers, and target virus types. 
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Chlorination of (Hetero)arene Derivatives with a DMSO Catalyst

Chlorination of (Hetero)arene Derivatives with DMSO Catalyst

In a recent study of DMSO-catalysed late-stage chlorination of (hetero)arenes, Jiao’s group reported chlorination of (hetero)arenes with N-chlorosuccinimide (NCS) [C0291] and a catalytic amount of DMSO [D0798]. The reaction is applied to a wide variety of (hetero)arenes such as indoles, pyridines, and thiophenes with high yield and high regioselectivity. The chlorination can be carried out under neutral and mild conditions, so it is expected to be applied to drug discovery and development in late-stage synthesis.
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Reducing Agents

Reducing Agents

Reduction is a chemical reaction in which the target substances receive electrons, and is one of the most fundamental reactions in organic chemistry. To assist in this, TCI offers many well-known reducing agents and catalysts for reduction reactions. This includes metal hydrides such as lithium aluminum hydride [L0203], dimethyl sulfide borane [D1843], sodium cyanoborohydride [S0396], triethylsilane [T0662], and much more. 
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Chemoselective Reduction of Aldehydes

Chemoselective Reduction of Aldehydes

Sodium tris(1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropoxy)borohydride [S0810] is a selective reducing agent developed by Toshima et al. Aldehydes are selectively reduced in the presence of ketones and other reducible functional groups using S0810 to afford the corresponding primary alcohols in high yields. This is a useful method for reduction of aldehydes because it does not require the addition of other reagents and the reaction is very simple and convenient.
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