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TCI is at the forefront of offering high quality materials for R&D. In this issue, we focus on the usefulness of our zwitterionic monomers, organic photocatalysts for ATRP, high performance S-shaped organic semiconductor and TCIMAIL's latest issue. We also provide an extensive catalog of organic and inorganic reagents that are valuable tools in the field of materials science.
Zwitterionic Monomers

Zwitterionic Monomers

Zwitterionic monomers contain both cationic and anionic groups in the same molecule, and are able to add superhydrophilic and/or antifouling features to materials. As a result they are often used for surface modification of water treatment filters or medical equipment including stents and catherters, nanomicelles for drug delivery systems (DDS), and surface modification for biosensors to reduce measurement noise, etc. TCI contributes to this research and related industries by offering various zwitterionic monomers.
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organic photocatalysts for ATRP

Organic Photocatalysts Applied to Metal-Free Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

Metal-free atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) mediated by organic photocatalysts has been an increasingly popular topic. For instance, 10-phenylphenothiazine [P2470], perylene [P0078], and fluorescein [F0095] and an amine as an electron donor, have been used reported as organic photocatalysts. In addition, attempts to develop novel organic photocatalysts are ongoing in order to expand applicable light sources or to enable more precise polymerization control. Metal-free ATRP is anticipated in the application of electronic materials or biomaterials since it requires no copper catalyst when compared to conventional ATRP.
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high performance S-shaped organic semiconductor

High Performance S-shaped Organic Semiconductor: S-DNTT-10

Various organic transistor materials have been extensively studied to further improve their mobility, air stability and solubility. The S-shaped fused ring compound, S-DNTT-10 [D5796] is a new organic semiconductor material developed in 2020. It possesses excellent features such as high mobility of 11 cm2/Vs, air stability, and approximately 30 times higher solubility compared with that of the linear structure isomer, C10-DNTT. In addition, S-DNTT-10 also has good thermal stability, so that it can be handled in both wet and vacuum device fabrication processes.
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biotinylated inhibitor for the detection of protein activity by stripping

TCI Chemistry Research: TCIMAIL 185

Released in November, TCI's latest issue features Assoc. Prof. Michael Schnürch's article on cross-coupling called "Sequential Triple Cross-Coupling towards Synthesis of 2,4,5-Trisarylthiazoles”. We also feature research on:

Be sure to check out our previous issues of TCIMAIL that contain various scientific articles from researchers around the world!
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