July Life Science News
At TCI, we support discoveries in life science through our knowledge and expertise in organic small molecules. In this issue, we focus on our antivirals for research and experimental use, sialylated N-glycan series, alkaloids, fluorescent sarcosine for drug binding site 2 on human serum albumin, and more. We also have over 30,000 of other useful compounds available only through TCI for your research and development.
Antivirals for Research and Experimental Use

Antivirals for Research and Experimental Use

TCI offers a vast selection of antiviral agents for research and experimental use. Some of the trends in anti-SARS-CoV-2 agent pharmaceutical development include the search for viral proteases 3CLpro or PLpro inhibitors, viral protein expression inhibitors, viral entry to host cells inhibitors, as well as inhibitors of viral replication. See TCI's antiviral product line with reported mechanisms, product numbers, and target virus types. 
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Sialylated N-glycan

Sialylated N-Glycan Series, Functionally-modified at the Reducing End

Sialylated N-glycan is a typical human-type glycan that is suggested to be strongly correlated with various physiological phenomena, such as viral infection and anti-inflammatory activity, through endogenous immune-receptors. TCI has a lineup of sialylated N-glycan products modified at the reducing end useful for applications like click chemistry and high-sensitive analysis.
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Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing small molecules mainly found within plants, with approximately 21,000 of 27,000 reported alkaloids being of plant origin. Since most alkaloids exhibit potent bioactivity, they are the main ingredient found in many over-the-counter herbal medicines. There are a limited number of alkaloids used in pharmaceuticals with some binding to receptors in neural systems exceptionally well. Alkaloids also interact with proteins electrostatically due to the positive charge of the nitrogen atoms which facilitates binding to the negative charge of the proteins. 
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Fluorescent Sarcosine for Drug Binding Site 2 on Human Serum Albumin

Fluorescent Sarcosine for Drug Binding Site 2 on Human Serum Albumin

Dansylsarcosine cyclohexylammonium salt [D5722] is a fluorescent probe that specifically binds to human serum albumin (HSA) drug binding site 2. The maximum fluorescence wavelength of D5722 shifts by binding to HSA, and the fluorescence decreases by the competitive displacement of drugs and pharmaceuticals, thereby confirming binding of drugs to site 2. Alternatively, dansylamide [D5405] binds to HSA drug binding site 1 and is used as a fluorescent probe in a similar mechanism. Thus, a simple and quick drug binding assay can be attained with a combination of D5722 and D5405.
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